As the geopolitical and economic cards are redistributed and the gravity center of the world increasingly revolves around Asia, the next challenges will come from areas related to international risks and strategic issues, with globalization being questioned, Asian companies and governments reaching out to increasingly hostile environments in the West, and European and American companies trying to develop their presence and minimize their exposure in an increasingly fragmented Asia, with China at its center. We have created Stateris to respond to those critical needs.

We aim at re-imagining the communications and strategic consulting industry to suit our new world through the creation of a Global C-suite business and communications solutions platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, with Asia at its root, the world as its stage, people at its core, diversity at its foundation, data as its fuel, creativity as its expression, flexibility as its modus operandi and purpose at its heart.

The company is structured for today and tomorrow’s world, not as an agency but as a convening technology global platform which identifies, mobilizes and manages the best bespoke teams as required to meet the needs of business leaders. Agile, flexible, with the ability to attract the best teams, wherever they are, the structure is organized to help identify risks and respond to the critical global issues and crisis of today.

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